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Ductless Systems

Living room with ductless air conditioner.

A ductless system, also called a mini-split, can be the perfect solution for your heating and/or cooling needs. More and more people here in Olympia, WA are choosing this type of system, whether it’s to heat and cool only one room or many. They’re finding this flexible system hits many of the items on their heating-and-cooling checklist.

This heating-and-cooling option is much more compact than a traditional HVAC system, without ducts. It typically has two components to it––an indoor and outdoor––that connect with a couple lines and pipes via a small hole in the wall. It’s completely ductless, allowing it more flexibility than the larger HVAC systems.

Why a Ductless System May Work for Your Home

The less traditional ductless system may be more suited to your purpose than a more traditional heating-and-cooling system. There are several instances when a ductless system may be preferred:

  1. An addition to your home or a garage. If you have plans to add on to your home, whether it be one room or more, a ductless system could be the answer. Since it’s ductless, it’s not dependent on your already-existing system and can be easily installed in small areas. Usually the indoor component is mounted on a wall or ceiling, making it a practical solution for add-ons or a garage.
  2. A too-cold or too-hot room. Maybe you have a room where the temperature is tough to regulate, no matter how many zones you have. An easy solution is adding a ductless system. It can individually address the temperature needs of that room, fitting your comfort needs.
  3. Higher efficiency. Since a ductless system has no ducts to contend with, there’s no energy escaping from ductwork, costing more money. Adding ductless systems throughout your home instead of a traditional heating-and-cooling system increases your home’s energy efficiency, thereby reducing your energy bills. The initial higher investment can be evened out over the long run by this higher efficiency.
  4. Needed improved indoor air quality (IAQ). If someone living in your home suffers from allergies, asthma, or a chronic illness, high IAQ is paramount. Ductless systems can offer this due to their lack of ductwork. Over time, ductwork collects a buildup of airborne particles and contaminants. Without cleaning, this buildup can make its way into your home’s air, being breathed in by all who live there. This isn’t the case with ductless systems; in fact, some ductless system models offer a filtration that decreases air particles, such as viruses and bacteria, eliminating poor IAQ.

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